A Public Relations Disaster “How To” Right Here In Toronto

Support Local.

I’m sure you’ve seen those two words side by side many, many times. It’s a trending act, and one that helps small business owners in your community grow their ventures. If I have the opportunity to get a similar product for a similar price from someone local – why not, right?

That’s exactly what Amanda* (named changed for security) wanted to do when she ordered a swimsuit from 437 Swimwear. With prices starting at $55USD per piece, it’s quite the commitment for an online bathing suit purchase, especially with websites like Zaful and Boohoo selling their bathers at $20 for the full set. Obviously if it doesn’t fit, you’d want a refund. Continue reading


#OOTD: Shop My Late-Summer Outfit

I’m excited to start sharing links to some of my favourite pieces and outfits so that you can shop them directly from here and spare yourself the research.

Last week, I went to visit YSL Beauty’s pop-up, the YSL Beauty Hotel. I wore a super simple, casual outfit, which ended up being a HUGE mistake, as the event was a massive backdrop for photo opportunities. Still had some fun with the photobooth and posing with the beauty-inspired backdrops and furniture, but it really could have been my editorial photoshoot moment had I been prepared. Live and learn!

My day-to-day go-to outfit often consists of a white t-shirt, jeans, and comfy shoes. I took comfort to the next level by carrying a tote as well, which I stuffed to the brim with all my essentials (typical woman). Check out the outfit and links to the pieces below, and let me know if this is the kind of posts you’d like to keep seeing. Continue reading

Why you need the Apple Watch

Before you Samsungers/Androiders start telling me Apple isn’t innovate and doesn’t boast enough features, I’m going to stop you right there – I don’t NEED all of your Android features. I’ve been loyal to Apple since iPod Nano was their big thing, and I don’t plan to turn back anytime soon (except maybe for a laptop). Setting up an Android with all its customizable features takes so much time not to mention learning what all those features are, and quite frankly, I don’t need them. I like my lack of options because it keeps things simple in my complex life.

Onto the Watch.

From a fashion perspective:

There will always be naysayers who claim a Rolex is the best thing you can wear on your wrist, but when the cheapest Rolex still costs more than my first car (that I only got rid of 2 years ago because of an accident), I need to keep my options open. Though I love all the “normal” watches I’ve owned, I always needed to have more than one for different occasions; a casual one, a colourful one, a statement watch, a simple one. With the Apple Watch, I can change up the watch face for any occasion, as well as play around with interchangeable straps. Bonus: Amazon offers an unreal variety of straps at extremely reasonable prices (rubber, leather, stainless steel, you name it!)

And of course, it’s as aesthetically pleasing as you want it to be (given what strap you use.)

From a utility perspective:

This is going to be a long list, so buckle up.

It’s waterproof. Yes, entirely waterproof. You can swim laps or hang out in the ocean with your watch on your wrist. It even has a special button to push after water activity to push the water out of the speakers.


Having built a small collection of inexpensive watches, I ended up going about a year without wearing any of them because all of their batteries died and I just couldn’t be bothered to go to the shop to get them replaced (even though there’s a battery replacement down the street from me). Having a watch that I can charge at home is such a relief, especially since the battery lasts so long that I can give it a little boost every couple days while I shower and it’ll never die on me.

It’s connected to your iPhone which leads to another list of benefits.

Once your phone is connected to wifi, your watch is connected to your phone regardless of the distance between the two in the area of wifi coverage. This is great especially heading into meetings at work or social gatherings, because you can have your phone completely out of sight, but have texts and calls appear on your wrist. Having had the watch a couple weeks now, I find I’m less inclined to open my phone and start answering something unimportant right away (especially in a social setting) because it requires an extra step of getting my phone out of my bag or from the other room.

On the other hand, I can rest assured that if something important is getting communicated to me, I’m still on top of it. In any case, it’s an added bonus not having to have my Plus iPhone on the table or desk at all times in order to stay connected, and it helps my productivity and social life. The Apple Watch also gives you options to reply to texts with generic messages like “yes”, “no”, and “busy right now”, as well as the opportunity set up some custom options.

Never mind table side settings, the watch also helps you steer clear from driving and texting, or looking at your phone for GPS. If you’ve your Maps showing you a route, the watch will show your next turn and how far ahead it is.

Finally, one of my personal favourite features is the ability to ping your phone. What would a night out be if I wasn’t throwing everything out of my closet in search of a perfect outfit, and as a result burying my phone under a pile of denim and blazers. With the press of a button on my watch, my phone lets out a short ring, helping me find it.


If you’ve made it this far in the post, you’re either convinced the Apple Watch is a great product, or you think I’m one of those lunatics who’s obsessed with her smartphone and connectivity in an unhealthy way. Having the watch actually helped me get off my phone in more ways than one, and I couldn’t have been happier with getting one.

There are so many other features and perks of the Apple Watch that I haven’t even mentioned, but I felt like the ones mentioned above are the key ones for you, my audience.

If you have any questions about other features or how things work, comment below!

Would you ever consider a smart watch, or is Daniel Wellington the only way to go until you can snag a Rolex?

How You Can Support Torontonians This Holiday Season

Happy Hannukah (day 2!) to my fellow Jews, and here’s to hoping everyone else is getting their holiday shopping done, or started at the very least.

Though I have a generic gift guide on the way as well, I wanted to dedicate an entire post to Toronto-based small businesses which offer products that can easily be gifted this holiday season. Having a few friends who started their own businesses, as well as having this blog for the past two years, I know how difficult it is to reach out to your friends and ask for help and support – let’s put it this way, I can count on one hand how many of my friends are subscribed to my blog. That’s why this holiday season I think it’s soooo important to support your loved ones as well as those in your community.

So without further ado, here are 8 businesses you can support right here in homely Toronto this season: Continue reading

Did Social Media Ruin Us, Or Did We Ruin Ourselves?

Once in a while, I find myself scrolling through my Instagram feed, watching as every other woman’s lips get fuller, chests get perkier, and closets get more full, and I catch myself starting to doubt my own looks and my own closet. It seems that after any of these “social media purges”, I feel worse about myself, and next thing I know I am researching the best place for lip injections in the city (ok, not that extreme. I’ve never done the research).

Whenever this happens to me, I like to really reflect on what made me think or feel a certain way, and what change I can make to not feel that way ever again (because why would I want to?) I’m a strong believer in taking control of my life, and if something isn’t satisfying me, to change what I can. I’ve come down to three conclusions and changes that would need to be made to avoid these thoughts and feelings:s

Guilty: Social Media, Solution: Delete the Platform.

I can blame social media as a whole, and just say that the creators of these platforms have ruined humanity by creating a place where people can filter their imperfect lives, make them seem perfect and jealousy-worthy, and that without social media, we would not have these problems. I could say that, and I could delete every app off my phone (and ultimately have nowhere to promote this blog, oy), but I know that this is not the true root of the issue.

Guilty: People on Social Media, Solution: Unfollow Said People.

There’s so many people, ironically bloggers and content creators mostly, that filter their lives sooooo much, that the rest of us have unrealistic expectations of how we should be living life and balancing everything on our plates. People talk about how they balance so much on their plates, but never refer or credit the people who help them in their lives, and it makes other people feel down about themselves because they can’t master the balancing act others have filtered and shown on social media. I can think of a perfect example of a social media personality in Toronto who has two nannies that were taking her outfit photos, and never mentioned them (and all the help they provide in her busy lifestyle) until my original version of this blog post called her out (and she accused me of “mommy shaming”, which to be honest, I think she just didn’t read the article properly).

I gotta give it to creators like Krystle of Dine & Fash, who shows us the realities of her blogging lifestyle in her Instagram stories. From visits to the grocery store for recipe ingredients, to making the food, and to the part most people don’t show – the crazy amount of staging that goes into the photos that end up making it on her blog. Cooking is messy! Staging is necessary, and it’s unfair for other people to make us believe that their white tablecloth stays clean all year round.

The solution? Unfollowing everyone who makes you feel bad about yourself, and following more people who show their #RealAndRaw lifestyle. Though this could be a temporary solution, before you know it, the next super-woman will show up on your feed, someone else will trick you into believing what they show is the real truth, and you’ll be back at zero – and let’s be real, it’s fun looking at filtered, pretty photos.

Guilty: The Demons Inside My Brain, Solution: Self-Discover And Improve

It all comes down to one simple thing: I am the one who allows myself to get affected by what I’m seeing on my teeny tiny phone screen. Mark Zuckerberg is not to blame, the Toronto YouTuber is not to blame, nobody is to blame except myself. I am lucky to understand that most people are filtering what they post, and if all of us could understand that, we would have a different appreciation for our own lives, and even a different appreciation for what we see online.

Instead of looking at someone’s feed and thinking, “her life is so easy, I wish my life was like that,” if we could just rephrase it as, “I don’t know the whole story, but damn, that outfit is nice,” or “I love how she staged that photo, it looks great,” we could all live a more positive and fulfilling life for ourselves without the social media envy and jealousy.


What are your thoughts on this questionable debate about the true root of the social media epidemic and what it has done to humanity?

Fashion Week Front Row Etiquette

Though I am currently enduring the hardest semester of my existence as an undergraduate student, I still made an effort to make it out to TOM*FW for one of the days (and luckily the same day of the ever energetic Hendrixroe show), and I was lucky to watch the shows front and centre.

Though it’s a blessing to be able to rest my feet on the runway, it also comes with its downsides, which I’d like to call poor front row etiquette. It’s hard enough to get nice photos or videoclips of the models coming down the runway, but the experience gets entirely ruined when someone is committing one of the following sins: Continue reading

How Starbucks Won My Heart

It’s National Coffee Day, and I thought what better day than today to finally put together a post I’ve been thinking about since July.

Let’s backtrack a few years: I used to drink Starbucks all day every day, the overly sweet drinks like Caramel Macchiatos, and thought I couldn’t live without them. Continue reading