things to keep in mind when booking your beach vacation

Being a little bit of a beach addict, I can’t help but take off down south as soon as I get the chance. It may sound crazy, but sometimes I actually prefer the liberty of taking an all-inclusive vacation over an adventurous trip elsewhere. You literally lie on a beach all day reading books, and not having a single worry. Don’t get me wrong, a euro-trip is amazing, but there is so much preparation that goes into it, and then so much you want to accomplish during the trip, that it doesn’t feel much like a vacation at all (which isn’t a bad thing either!). Continue reading “things to keep in mind when booking your beach vacation”

Let’s Stop Body-Shaming, and Start Health-Promoting

I have honestly had it. Working in retail, my store only goes up to a US Size 10 for the ladies, and every now and then a size 12 or 14 lady will give me a dirty look when I have to break the news to her. Normally these interactions don’t really affect me much, but most recently, I actually felt BAD for being a healthy and fit size 4 while talking to her. Continue reading “Let’s Stop Body-Shaming, and Start Health-Promoting”