resort life: the things you didn’t know you needed to know to pack like a pro

As a traveller, I think my life goal that applies to absolutely every single trip is packing just enough. Not overpacking and having my suitcase overflow, nor arriving there realizing I left half my life back home. It’s that sweet satisfaction of being able to close my suitcase without a struggle, and knowing I’ve got everything I need. Continue reading “resort life: the things you didn’t know you needed to know to pack like a pro”

How to Spend Your Sick-Day

What do you know, after being away for a week, I happened to catch some nasty virus on the flight home, which only worsened when I was surrounded by equally ill colleagues a few days later.

Let me tell you people, your immune system is extremely vulnerable when you are travelling. I’ve learned that the hard way too many times, and since then have never left home without a stash of vitamins and medications for any possible situation. Somehow, I didn’t realize I needed to keep fighting the germs flying around when I got back home as well.

And that’s how I ended up here. In bed on a Monday (instead of working), living off of lemon water, honey, and enough medication that it covers the entirety of my bedside table. As I lay in bed, home alone whilst my loved ones are all at work, I started pondering on what can I do that will be productive, fun (somewhat), and won’t take too much energy – as a sicko, I don’t have much energy to begin with, it’s a miracle I can get out of bed at all. Continue reading “How to Spend Your Sick-Day”