A Goal-Oriented Summer

You may remember me writing about the incredible startup, Better Life Project, back in the winter when I bought the first ever Better Life Planner just in time for 2017. The first edition helped me reorganize my goals for the year, as well as make daily and weekly goals for myself in order to get closer to achieving my long-term aspirations.

This time, the inspiring ladies behind the project are back with a bigger and better product, the Better Life Planner: Student Success Edition. What blew my mind most about the planner this time was how adaptive the planner truly is. Though it’s called the Student Success Edition, it is far from being restricted to students of an educational institution – it is for students of life.

Goals for the Year 2

Seeing the new planner get released made me think about how far I’ve come with my goals since January. I realized that I wasn’t doing too well on my journey, and I tried to understand why this happened. It dawned on me that I was missing something super important, something that was right in front of me the whole time – I wasn’t utilizing the planner to its full potential.

Instead of using the 5 Daily Goals at the bottom of each day to cross-reference them back to my yearly goals, I was using the space as a to-do list. What ended up happening was that I was completing my daily mundane tasks, but I hadn’t really done anything to get closer to achieving what I truly wanted and needed to.

Month Spread 1

Luckily, I still have half the year left to turn things around, and I definitely have a better vision of how to do that. One my goals for the year was to improve reading and writing (or at least typing) of the Russian alphabet, but I wasn’t doing anything too straining or intentional other than texting some friends and family in Russian. I now realize there were so many other things I could have scheduled in on a daily or at least weekly basis that could have gotten me a lot more ahead – for example, taking 5-10 minutes to read an entire article in Russian.

Now I know what kind of planning and intention it’s going to take to move forward, and I’m so excited to have this opportunity away from studying for a couple of months to get a few steps closer to achieving my long-term goals.

Open Planner Mockup - Project Planning Page - Breakdown


Cover 4Sample Week 1Reading List 2Open Planner Mockup - Project Planning Page

Photos provided by Better Life Project.



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