a little bit of french: Colette Grand Cafe

Do you ever find yourself somewhere, and think to yourself, my god am I lucky to be here. That is exactly how I felt when a good friend invited me for a coffee at Colette. Had she invited someone else, or had she never even heard of it, I would probably never discover this absolutely perfect little place.


Located at the base of the Thompson Hotel, Colette gives a very high-end vibe, but also discreet. When you walk in, you have an option to sit in the dining area for lunch, or go to the cafe. We went to the cafe, ordered our coffee and treats as we would in any other coffee place. Since the weather was perfect, we got the opportunity to sit outside in their pavilion, specifically placed just for the cafe customers. With trees, a breeze, and a glimpse of the CN Tower, it was quite a lovely experience.

Now, the most important part (at least for me): the coffee. Other than my mother, I am probably the pickiest coffee drinker. I appreciate a good quality espresso, and I will never settle for anything less. And the verdict is… it’s great. In my opinion, if I can drink a cappuccino without having to add sugar, then it’s a success. I didn’t even notice how fast my cup emptied, because the taste of the coffee was so soft and sweet.

Raspberry Pistachio Cake

The sweets: I’ll be honest, not impressed with the macaron. I have Nadege macarons often enough, and I’ve been lucky enough to try Ladurée as well, and in all truthfulness, Colette did not impress me with the macaron enough. Perhaps I took the wrong flavour, but I can’t say that I would run there for that particular pastry. I also took a raspberry pistachio tart, and that was perfection. I wish I had enough baking knowledge to be able to describe this tart. It had different layers inside, some crunchy pistachio mix, another layer like a raspberry jam, all surrounded by a raspberry sponge cake. This little cake was simply to die for.

So as a whole, it’s a great place to go to. Of course prices are a little high, but what else could you expect from a place in such a location and with such an ambiance. For a cappuccino and a couple of pastries I paid $15, but for what you are getting as an experience, it is definitely worth the extra couple dollars. This place is a must-go for those who appreciate a little bit of français in their lives.

Are there any other cafes in Toronto that are must-go-to’s?

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