A Working Girl’s Wishlist

The “blogging industry” is an interesting one. It mostly consists of a craze for high-end designer fashion, and the prettiest pictures on Instagram and blogs are the ones sporting YSL, Gucci, Chanel, or all of the above. Seldom do we hear the stories of what it took to get these most-coveted pieces, and god forbid we hear about the struggle a woman goes through in her day to day life.

Don’t get me wrong, I loooove designer brands and all the fashionable possibilities they bring. I respect the art of fashion design, and would never dare get a knock-off from a fast fashion store for a fraction of the price. Shopping for knock-offs at fast fashion giants for me is just an unethical practice, and I’d prefer to own 1 stellar authentic piece than 10 fakes. The difference between me and some of these bloggers/Instagram celebrities is that I’m not in the position (for now) to treat myself as soon as the thought comes to mind. The truth is, I have to hustle for every luxury good I desire.

Who said during the hustle I can’t play dress up and scope out what my most-coveted items look like up close? Luckily for me, Yorkdale’s Style Concierge space provided a content creator experience where I could borrow, take photos of, and talk about the items I currently have my eye on. Without further ado, here’s some of the items I hope to treat myself to over the next year or so (or later):

Miu Miu ballerina flats

Every girl needs a solid pair of black flats in her closet, so when I came across these shoes from Miu Miu, I knew I had to have them one day. Whether you wear them plain without the ribbons, mix and match the ribbons, or stick to one of either black or checkered, these shoes are an incredible addition to a year-round closet for a gal working in an office and/or attending media previews. The good news for me is that I told myself I’d get them as soon as I’d get hired for an internship (gotta deserve these things), and now that I’ve started interning, as soon as that first paycheque rolls in, y’all know I’ll be wearing them daily to the office.

silk Burberry scarf

As the old saying goes, “I got it from my mama.” There’s something about Burberry scarves in any colour and texture that just screams class, and this baby pink gem is a great summer throw and a fun winter accessory. I don’t care what all you fashionistas say about “seasons”, if I can rock it any time of the year, then I will any time of the year.  With my olive skin tone, I can’t get away with wearing baby pink all that often, so at least I can accessorize with it.

Tom Ford coffee table book

I’ll be honest, I’m not sure if I would even buy this in the next year, as it’s something I could really only see myself getting once I move out and get settled in that “adulting” thing people are doing. Expensive coffee table books are a serious luxury, one that I wouldn’t imagine even dreaming about until I’m really well on my feet. That being said, a girl can dream, and I will definitely be dreaming about a fashionable coffee table experience.

Jo Malone candles

In addition to the spiffy Tom Ford hardcover book, I wouldn’t mind having a Jo Malone candle or two on my coffee table, on my bedside table, or just on any flat surface in my future home. Last winter, we decided to get them as gifts for our couple friends, because really, what else can you get as a nice “family” gift, and ever since I smelled how incredible they are, I put them down on my future housewarming registry (too soon?).

Valentino Rockstud gladiator sandals

Ever since I got my Rockstud pumps last winter (#SpoilYourself), I’ve become even more obsessed with Valentino and the whole collection. The heels are the most comfortable pair of shoes I own, and I’ve always loved a trendy gladiator sandal, so when I came across this pair of tan gladiators, I knew they’d be making their way on my wishlist very soon. There’s no better way to get through summer than wearing a timeless pair of sandals every single day (and evening).

a designer cardholder (shown: Valentino)

I’m not too picky with which brand I want to go with for my next money-holding accessory, but I do know the general style I want to stick with. Now that I’m starting to grow my handbag collection (as well as getting to borrow my mother’s pieces too), I feel like a nice cardholder would be a great match. The way I see it, if you need to be selective with luxury designer goods due to budget, accessories should always be a priority. A white tank top and jeans will always look phenomenal with a great handbag and shoes.

So I like luxury designer goods – kill me! At least I know the value of money, and I work hard for what I want. Ladies, remember, not everything you see on Instagram comes easy, and I’m happy I have thelifestylebistro.com to talk about the hustle.

Thank you to the Yorkdale Shopping Centre for providing the Yorkdale Style Concierge space and items for the photos in this blog post. To learn more about the Yorkdale Style Concierge and how you can use it, please visit: http://www.yorkdale.com/guest-services/style-experience/

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