bloggers’ choice: five pieces under $99

If you have at least any interest in fashion and retail, you know it’s hard to come by really nice affordable pieces for your wardrobe. A nice shirt will cost $250, and a pair of statement pumps can be in the thousands. That’s why I got together with a few bloggers worldwide to bring you a few pieces that were found and purchased in the double digits, and soon became favourites.

  1. A must-have for every girl should be a crystal statement necklace. Modern Mix VancouverThey are so versatile and immediately dress up any outfit. Vanessa, founder and editor of Modern Mix Vancouver chose the Emari Teardrop Crystal Necklace from Ted Baker, costing $85. A current season version can be found here.
  2. Heidi, shop owner of Idieh Shop, went for an item found in her own online shop. The $28 Legit Tdollar Signature LEGIT Flowy White Tee can be dressed up, dressed down, and could even make the cut for a “I’m not leaving my PJ’s” day. Heidi says it’s extremely versatile, ridiculously soft, and has a flattering fit for any body type.
  3. Petite FlowerHats are a serious go-to any time of year, which is why Holly chose her Lack of Color
    straw boater hat as her “Under-99” fave. Shipping included, the hat costed her a mere $80, purchased directly on Lack of Color’s official website. As seen on her blog, Petite Flower, Holly proves that a hat is an economical and super effective way to transform a look from nice to chic.
  4. So Girly BlogThe creative mind behind the France-based So Girly Blog, Amélie, chose an Even&Odd design Panda Bag. It’s possible to wear it any time, putting it together with a preppy outfit, a pair of jeans, or a super casual outfit. The bag is a small detail, that can make an outfit so girly (pun intended). At a low cost of approximately $25 (20€), it is possible to find this bag on the Zalando website.
  5. IMG_4865Finally, I’ve chosen my own favourite item under $99. These bright blue strappy Zara heels have been turning heads on the streets since the beginning of SS15. I was devastated when I thought I lost the chance to buy them locally in Toronto, but I was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time to buy them in New York City on 5th Ave. They came to $70. It’s a great pair that can put together the most simple outfit, and surprisingly enough, they are fairly comfortable. They’re no longer in stock at stores, but can be found on eBay.

Thanks to these four extremely talented bloggers, we were able to bring to you a few different items within a budget that could complete your wardrobe.

If there’s other things you would like to see in the future, feel free to leave a comment.

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