Borrowed From The Boys

There are so many great things about being a woman, especially when it comes to self-expression through fashion. It seems like we can get away with a lot more things than the guys can (or dare to), and we won’t even get dirty looks for it. Having worked in retail at a store that sells both menswear and womenswear before, I surprisingly found myself gearing towards some of the men’s pieces for myself. In light of TOM*FW (Toronto Men’s Fashion Week), what better time than now to talk about the pieces us ladies can borrow from the boys.

The Briefcase. I don’t know what it is about a nice structured briefcase, but every time I see one, I can just imagine myself running to a university lecture with it in hand. After having looked at all the features a good briefcase can offer (pockets, just so many pockets), I realize my Longchamp tote is having trouble competing.

Sunglasses. There’s nothing quite as “California bad-ass” as a nice pair of men’s aviators. Enough said.

Boyfriend Jeans (of course). Ok this might be an obvious one, especially since every single womenswear retailer has created their own rendition of the boyfriend jean. Buuuut sometimes it works to ACTUALLY borrow a pair of jeans. I find the ones that are from their teenage days are best, because they’re a slightly smaller fit (relatively), but they still do their work in creating that au-naturel boyfriend denim look.

Hats. Whether it’s a paperboy hat for a Fiddler on the Roof kind of look, or just borrowing their winter toque, us ladies can definitely pull it off.

Sweaters. Whenever I wake up at my boyfriend’s house and it’s a little colder than the night before, I just grab one of his sweaters and throw it on with my skinny jeans or skirt. It’s a win-win. It can be designer and stylish, it’s cozy, and it smells like my favourite person’s cologne.


Aren’t we ladies lucky? There’s a sea of opportunity when it comes to opening the doors to the closets of our dearest and nearest men.

What have you borrowed (successfully and stylishly) from the opposite gender?

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