How You Can Support Torontonians This Holiday Season

Happy Hannukah (day 2!) to my fellow Jews, and here’s to hoping everyone else is getting their holiday shopping done, or started at the very least.

Though I have a generic gift guide on the way as well, I wanted to dedicate an entire post to Toronto-based small businesses which offer products that can easily be gifted this holiday season. Having a few friends who started their own businesses, as well as having this blog for the past two years, I know how difficult it is to reach out to your friends and ask for help and support – let’s put it this way, I can count on one hand how many of my friends are subscribed to my blog. That’s why this holiday season I think it’s soooo important to support your loved ones as well as those in your community.

So without further ado, here are 8 businesses you can support right here in homely Toronto this season: Continue reading

How Starbucks Won My Heart

It’s National Coffee Day, and I thought what better day than today to finally put together a post I’ve been thinking about since July.

Let’s backtrack a few years: I used to drink Starbucks all day every day, the overly sweet drinks like Caramel Macchiatos, and thought I couldn’t live without them. Continue reading

What You Should Expect to Eat and Drink in Italy

What Canadians, Americans, and those living in other highly multi-cultural countries need to understand is simple: not every country is as a multi-cultural as we are. WHICH IS OK! That’s the beauty of it. Us as Canadians have adopted every culture’s food, and we have the festivals to prove it. That being said, we can’t expect to visit France and eat sushi while we’re there, just like we can’t expect, and shouldn’t expect, to visit Italy in search of an American Breakfast. Continue reading

The GTA’s 3 Healthy (and Vegan) Gems

Ironically, I’m not even a vegan as I write this, but I do have a strong appreciation to taking every possible dietary restriction and making the best out of it. These three businesses have done just that – acknowledging every single “No, I can’t eat that” and making sure you can indeed eat it and indulge.

Every meal, snack, and coffee:

Sorelle & Co.


A local treasure, the cafe stands on Rutherford Road, just between Bathurst St and Dufferin St in Vaughan. With an extensive menu of anything you can think of, Sorelle & Co. also offers its guests an elegant interior that is unbelievably perfect for pictures beautiful enough to hang on your wall. Additionally, they’ve got a stand inside the Saks 5th Avenue on Queen St, and rumour has it another location will be popping up in the future.

Top Picks: Mean Green Smoothie & Carrot Cupcake




This. Place. Rocks! I wish I lived a little bit closer so I could go there more often and indulge in their completely guilt-free 100% vegan soft serve. With a great selection of flavours, toppings, and even styles (popsicles!), it’s guaranteed that this will be the tastiest, healthiest, dessert you’ll ever try. Most importantly, they have an affogato version: that’s right, espresso trickled on top of their delectable soft serve. Located in the upper end of the city, just moments walk from Sheppard Station, and with ample parking nearby, it’s a dessert parlour that is easy to access for anyone.

Top Pick: Rosey Pistachio Soft Serve

On The Go:

The PUR Company


This Toronto-born brand is taking the world by storm, and giving everybody the gum and mints health-enthusiasts have always dreamed of: aspartame-free, vegan, sugar-free, and packed with natural flavours. Let’s be real, between all those meals and desserts (especially the affogato NanaShake), it’s necessary to freshen up. These PUR bad boys can be found in numerous locations across the GTA, including Whole Foods, Winners, and Sorelle & Co.

Top Picks: Mojito-Lime Mints, Spearmint Gum


Though the GTA (especially the downtown core) has many vegan and plant-based offerings, these are the three that I found most accessible to someone living in the Richmond Hill/Vaughan area. From snacks to dessert to just something to chew on between meals, Sorelle & Co., NanaShake, and PUR have you covered.

A Girl Gang Affair

On March 26th, Girl Gang Appreciation Day, I took a giant leap out of my comfort zone and invited ten ladies I barely knew or didn’t know at all to join me for an evening of coffee, pastries, and deep conversation about the reality of being a busy woman with a plate full of responsibilities and aspirations. Continue reading

Travel Diary: 24 Hours in Ottawa

If you know anything about me, you know I’m a wanderluster, and it’s not long after getting home from a trip that the travel bug hits me again. Unfortunately, due to the restrictions of time (ah, student life), distance, and money, it was challenging to plan a getaway.

Thankfully, Ottawa is just around the corner from Toronto when compared to any other destination. Since neither the boyfriend nor I have ever been before, we decided that it would be the perfect destination with our time and budget constraints. Continue reading

My Diet Starts Tomorrow

Wasn’t it just yesterday that we were posting pictures that should have motivated us and our Instagram followers to get started on our bikini bodies?

A kickboxing Groupon and 4 months later, here we are, with just a month left of summer. I’ve consumed 10L of ice cream, had way too many sugary cocktails, and didn’t take very good care of my body all throughout the never-ending Toronto heatwave, and I’ve come to a point where I’m terrified to put on a bathing suit in public. Continue reading

Mocktails For Your Workout – 3 Drinks That Will Make You Think You’re At A Bar Instead Of The Gym

Do you ever find yourself halfway through a workout wishing you were at a bar sipping on a cocktail instead? Me too. Which is why I’ve decided to attempt to make it easier for all of us to survive those crucial hours of the day set aside to making ourselves look better at the beach. They say all good things come in threes, so I’ve come up with three stupidly easy drinks you can take to your workout that resemble some of our favourite cocktails. Continue reading

Vienna: a strudel a day

Coming to Vienna, I was on the search for the best Strudel. I mean if there’s a place to search for it, then it’s definitely Vienna, Austria. That’s why in the short time that I was there, I set out to try as many apple strudels as possible (alright, on average one per day). And here is the conclusions I came to, judging each place by atmosphere, quality of cappuccino, and of course, quality of strudel. Continue reading

Paris: the Ladurée experience

During my trip to Paris, I really wanted to feel and taste every possible French sensation I could. And of course, to taste something Parisian or French, is to eat the best macarons in the world. There are two most popular macaron producers in Paris, being Pierre Hermé and Ladurée. Having tried both, not only did Ladurée take the cake (hehe get it?) in taste, it also beat Pierre Hermé from a full experience point of view as well. Continue reading