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what you SHOULD do this Valentine’s Day

I’m going to be perfectly honest here, after having spent 3 Valentine’s Days in an extremely happy and loving relationship, I am so over it (the holiday, not the relationship).

I mean, what’s exciting or romantic about standing in line for over an hour at any given restaurant, or getting wilted over-priced roses that are going to look even worse the next day? And I’m sure it’s no fun for the males either, having to pay double for flowers, chocolate, and a card than what they would have paid any other given day. Continue reading what you SHOULD do this Valentine’s Day

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negativity is not for friends

It was last week during a phone conversation that I realized that no one wants you to take your negativity out on them, unless they’re allowed to share their opinion about it. That’s human nature. Listening, and then saying something in return, whether you like it or not. And this made me frustrated. Continue reading negativity is not for friends