How Starbucks Won My Heart

It’s National Coffee Day, and I thought what better day than today to finally put together a post I’ve been thinking about since July.

Let’s backtrack a few years: I used to drink Starbucks all day every day, the overly sweet drinks like Caramel Macchiatos, and thought I couldn’t live without them. Continue reading


10 White Print T-Shirts You Can Buy Right Now

The white printed t-shirt is a closet staple at this point, especially with the rise of casually dressy fashion, and if you don’t have at least one in your closet, you are missing out on a sea of outfit possibilities. Everyone remembers Rihanna stepping out in a $400+ Céline T-shirt, but not everyone can copy that effortlessly chic look on the same budget as the R&B and Pop superstar. A piece that can be worn many different ways (YouTube video COMING SOON), here are 10 ways you can get the look for less: Continue reading

June & July Closet Favourites

I can’t believe how fast the summer flew by. We have just one month left until back to school, back to more layers and shorter days, but luckily a lot of the pieces I’ve been obsessed with this summer can be transitioned into the colder months as well. I get a lot of good feedback on how I dress, especially on the outfits I actually post in full on Instagram. Not surprisingly, those outfits consist of pieces and combinations that I end up wearing over and over again, and as a result I actually run low on opportunities to post #ootd shots. Being the opportunist that I am, I decided to showcase those favourite pieces here, on The Lifestyle Bistro, every now and then and talk about where to find them or similar pieces.  Continue reading

Coming Soon…

The last few weeks of my life have been a whirlwind of emotions and excitement. As of June 28th, I am an engaged woman, and as of a week ago, the banquet hall deposit is down and I am set to marry my best friend on July 1st 2018!

Of course the rollercoaster must come down after going up, and it’s also been a tough time working too many jobs and having to give up on a few freelance projects I had planned with White Umbrella Media and the #mynewgirlgang project. Continue reading

#HelloHoney: All-Natural Buzzworthy Beauty Hacks

I was able to visit Hillcrest Mall about two weeks ago to learn about their newest initiative, but this visit was like no other. By installing two beehives on their rooftop, Richmond Hill’s Hillcrest Mall has taken things to the next level (haha, get it?) in having a positive impact on the community’s biodiversity. Over 10,000 bees are now pollinating flowers in the area, and by fall will provide lots and lots of tasty raw honey. Continue reading

How to Afford Designer Goods as a Student

Every time I wear or carry something really nice, my peers at university either greet me with a dirty look, or whine about how they wish they could afford that, or just blatantly ask me, “how could you afford that?” The worst reaction I’ve ever gotten was when a girl got mad at me because I said I couldn’t afford to attend her out-of-town bachelorette (wasn’t a bridesmaid anyway), but she saw me buying new designer things on my Instagram.

So I’m about to unveil my secrets, some of which my close friends know about, and some of which I usually keep to myself, but today is a reveal-all kind of day, so here we go: Continue reading

A Goal-Oriented Summer

You may remember me writing about the incredible startup, Better Life Project, back in the winter when I bought the first ever Better Life Planner just in time for 2017. The first edition helped me reorganize my goals for the year, as well as make daily and weekly goals for myself in order to get closer to achieving my long-term aspirations.

This time, the inspiring ladies behind the project are back with a bigger and better product, the Better Life Planner: Student Success Edition. What blew my mind most about the planner this time was how adaptive the planner truly is. Though it’s called the Student Success Edition, it is far from being restricted to students of an educational institution – it is for students of life. Continue reading

What You Should Expect to Eat and Drink in Italy

What Canadians, Americans, and those living in other highly multi-cultural countries need to understand is simple: not every country is as a multi-cultural as we are. WHICH IS OK! That’s the beauty of it. Us as Canadians have adopted every culture’s food, and we have the festivals to prove it. That being said, we can’t expect to visit France and eat sushi while we’re there, just like we can’t expect, and shouldn’t expect, to visit Italy in search of an American Breakfast. Continue reading

A Working Girl’s Wishlist

The “blogging industry” is an interesting one. It mostly consists of a craze for high-end designer fashion, and the prettiest pictures on Instagram and blogs are the ones sporting YSL, Gucci, Chanel, or all of the above. Seldom do we hear the stories of what it took to get these most-coveted pieces, and god forbid we hear about the struggle a woman goes through in her day to day life. Continue reading

The GTA’s 3 Healthy (and Vegan) Gems

Ironically, I’m not even a vegan as I write this, but I do have a strong appreciation to taking every possible dietary restriction and making the best out of it. These three businesses have done just that – acknowledging every single “No, I can’t eat that” and making sure you can indeed eat it and indulge.

Every meal, snack, and coffee:

Sorelle & Co.


A local treasure, the cafe stands on Rutherford Road, just between Bathurst St and Dufferin St in Vaughan. With an extensive menu of anything you can think of, Sorelle & Co. also offers its guests an elegant interior that is unbelievably perfect for pictures beautiful enough to hang on your wall. Additionally, they’ve got a stand inside the Saks 5th Avenue on Queen St, and rumour has it another location will be popping up in the future.

Top Picks: Mean Green Smoothie & Carrot Cupcake




This. Place. Rocks! I wish I lived a little bit closer so I could go there more often and indulge in their completely guilt-free 100% vegan soft serve. With a great selection of flavours, toppings, and even styles (popsicles!), it’s guaranteed that this will be the tastiest, healthiest, dessert you’ll ever try. Most importantly, they have an affogato version: that’s right, espresso trickled on top of their delectable soft serve. Located in the upper end of the city, just moments walk from Sheppard Station, and with ample parking nearby, it’s a dessert parlour that is easy to access for anyone.

Top Pick: Rosey Pistachio Soft Serve

On The Go:

The PUR Company


This Toronto-born brand is taking the world by storm, and giving everybody the gum and mints health-enthusiasts have always dreamed of: aspartame-free, vegan, sugar-free, and packed with natural flavours. Let’s be real, between all those meals and desserts (especially the affogato NanaShake), it’s necessary to freshen up. These PUR bad boys can be found in numerous locations across the GTA, including Whole Foods, Winners, and Sorelle & Co.

Top Picks: Mojito-Lime Mints, Spearmint Gum


Though the GTA (especially the downtown core) has many vegan and plant-based offerings, these are the three that I found most accessible to someone living in the Richmond Hill/Vaughan area. From snacks to dessert to just something to chew on between meals, Sorelle & Co., NanaShake, and PUR have you covered.