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The last few weeks of my life have been a whirlwind of emotions and excitement. As of June 28th, I am an engaged woman, and as of a week ago, the banquet hall deposit is down and I am set to marry my best friend on July 1st 2018!

Of course the rollercoaster must come down after going up, and it’s also been a tough time working too many jobs and having to give up on a few freelance projects I had planned with White Umbrella Media and the #mynewgirlgang project.

It’s a constant battle trying to find the balance between work and making a living, as well as doing things I am passionate about, and well, that social life thing.

Through my blog and my social media channels (find me in the sidebar to the right ->), I hope to talk more about real life and not just what people see on Instagram. As much as I’d like to pretend I live an extravagant life buying expensive things and going on fun vacations without a care in the world, those pleasures take hard work, and I think people on social media make it seem too easy – I don’t want to be one of those people. I want to motivate and inspire those around me to hustle and work towards their dreams, and stop along the way to take pictures.

I’m excited to introduce a few things to my blog, as well as my journey as a content creator:

Monthly/Seasonal Favourites

I always find myself wearing the same clothes, or using the same products for an extended period of time, and always gushing about it to my friends in “real life”. I figured since I love these finds so much, someone else might be interested in giving them a shot (or something similar) too!


As a traveller, fashion lover, and simply a life liver, with the ever-changing digital world, I decided to give videos a go. As someone who has always been self-conscious of myself on video as well as the sound of my voice, it’s been a hell of a ride getting into facilitating a course at Ryerson, and I’m looking forward to facing my fears further by getting in front of the camera and going through the agony of listening to my own voice over and over again while editing. You’ll be able to find me here, so feel free to subscribe in advance if you can see yourself enjoying watching me embarrass the hell out of myself.

Wedding Series

Probably the chapter I am most excited about! Since we are not hiring a planner (at least not until the actual day of our wedding), it’ll definitely be an adventure planning this once in a lifetime (hopefully) event. I’m looking forward to sharing all the ups and downs and learning lessons along the way, from bridal party meet-and-greets, to the bachelorette, to the big day, and everything in between. I have some fun ideas for the preparation as well as our wedding, and I can’t wait to incorporate it into my blog.


So there ya have it! I’m excited to see what these additions to my content creation will bring, as well as take on the challenge of new opportunities and developing new skill sets. As always, it will be a challenge to keep everything up with my full-time studies (back at it in September), my part-time work, and now a wedding to plan, but I’m looking forward to accept the challenge.

You can follow along my daily disasters and musings on Instagram and Twitter.

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