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With several Fashion Weeks recently coming to an end (and others just getting started), there has been a lot of discussion regarding the fashionistas photographed more than the runway models: Street Style “models”. Several bloggers already brought up the topic of personal style and other thoughts along that line… So now, it’s my turn.

For anyone who keeps up with the fashion industry, you know that half of the fun of any Fashion Week is dressing up to go to the shows and goggling at how others dress up. I don’t know how it started, but somehow people have turned it into something completely absurdWith all respect to the Beckerman sisters, I did not find a single part of their outfits at NYFW to Jeremy Scott’s show stylish or fashionable.

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By all means, I am very happy for them that they are featured in The New York Times. I had my fair share of attention when I dressed a little OUT THERE while attending World MasterCard Fashion Week in Toronto last October, and it’s exciting, but I think there needs to be a balance. Would you really wear ALL those Jeremy Scott/Moschino pieces together in public anywhere other than his show?

The way I see it, why should we be dressing as something we’re not just to get attention at Fashion Week? I want to be able to walk to fashion week without someone thinking I am crazy. I mean, there will always be the odd one who may think wearing heels in the middle of winter is crazy. But that’s a whole other version of crazy. If I was wearing stop signs all over my body, not only would someone call 911, but I wouldn’t even feel comfortable in my own skin.

Ok, maybe I’m a little bit harsh towards the Beckermans, after all, they do dress unique every single day. But then again, is it just the unique outfits they are sharing on social media? For all we know, they could be the most regular girls in the world. Who knows.

At the end of the day, isn’t fashion and style about bringing out the best of your own personal style and being comfortable? I find fashion week brings the worst out of people – a need for attention, which is attained through something artificial. Something you are not.

Again, thinking back to Toronto Fashion Week in October. Did I like my outfit of choice? Yes. Would I wear it anywhere other than outside the tents? Probably not.

Do I regret leaving the house without a jacket? YES YES YES.

Now last week at TOM* Fashion Week was different. I did not freeze. I did not attract too much attention. I felt completely myself.



Outfit details: MaxMara coat (thanks mom), Ted Baker denim & purse, Michael Kors heels


That’s why this upcoming Toronto Fashion Week it’s going to be all about style meets comfort. Of course I want to dress up, and wear something I wouldn’t normally wear on a regular basis – but when push comes to shove, it’s important that I stay true to myself, dress up for myself, and feel comfortable in my own skin.

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