Fashion Week Front Row Etiquette

Though I am currently enduring the hardest semester of my existence as an undergraduate student, I still made an effort to make it out to TOM*FW for one of the days (and luckily the same day of the ever energetic Hendrixroe show), and I was lucky to watch the shows front and centre.

Though it’s a blessing to be able to rest my feet on the runway, it also comes with its downsides, which I’d like to call poor front row etiquette. It’s hard enough to get nice photos or videoclips of the models coming down the runway, but the experience gets entirely ruined when someone is committing one of the following sins:

The Manspreading Man

If you’re not familiar with the term, it’s the habit that most men have of sitting on a chair with their legs spread open (though women can be culprits of this as well, wearing trousers, I hope). Though in theory this is quite normal behaviour, when you’re sitting on a tiny chair shoulder to shoulder with people on either side, someone’s knees are not helping the situation at all.

The Foot Across The Runway

I get it, as a lady, crossing our legs is one of the best options especially when wearing a dress or skirt. What some ladies fail to realize, is that their foot is so far out that it is literally covering half the runway for everyone else’s photos and videos. Regardless of how nice (or expensive) your shoes are, nobody is going to be happy to see your foot covering every single outfit coming down the runway.

The Leaner

Part of attending Fashion Week is keeping up with social media and assisting your followers in keeping up with what’s going on at the shows as well. This is probably one of the most challenging parts, especially as a content creator or influencer, when most of the reason for you to attend the shows is to post about them. PLEASE, I beg you, PLEASE do not lean and cover the runway in order to live-tweet (or to send texts, who knows). As beautiful as you may be, I’d like a photo of the model in the beautiful clothing instead, sorry.

What other front row culprits have you come across in your experience? If you’re attending TW*FW tonight or tomorrow night, I hope you remember these sins, and don’t commit them – spare your row-mates the agony!

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