Fashion Week life vs. real life


Probably one of the craziest weeks of the season (at least for me) is almost done, attempting to balance my part-time job, my studies (in the midst of midterms, yikes!), and representing The Lifestyle Bistro at Toronto Fashion Week.

I managed to do the near impossible, and convince my corporate boyfriend (who is FAR from the fashion industry) to attend a show with me on Day 1 of Toronto Fashion Week. The result? We survived!

To summarize, I picked his outfit for him, he avoided the street style photographers, and he sat through the show talking about the models instead of the clothing. He also proceeded to claim that one of Toronto’s most well-known female bloggers was winking and smiling at him throughout the show, but I’m not going to argue that for the sake of his self-confidence.

Other than bringing a corporate boy to fashion week (find #CorporateBoyGoesToFashionWeek on Twitter to see our cute picture!), I also had to deal with getting to the tents straight from work (on the TTC!!) without looking too much like a lunatic on Day 1, and then walking along Adelaide from parking on Day 2.

Lucky for me, Stephan Caras provided me with some clothes that had my street style on point, and gave me the opportunity to #WearCanadian.

Monday of TFW was the day for me to bring out my inner hippie, while riding the subway (which I never do). Vintage purse, flared coloured jeans, and a delicate silk blouse. Probably one of my favourite outfits because I felt 100% comfortable both in the fashion and non-fashion environment.

Outfit details: Ted Baker London silk blouse (AW15, presumably will be found in outlets during AW16), Stephan Caras jeans (currently in stock), Vince Camuto heels (currently in stock – on sale!), Gucci handbag (~7 years old)


Other than having to walk a few minutes from where I parked, on Tuesday it was a little easier to dress up since I didn’t have anywhere to be immediately before or after the show. This was the best opportunity to wear a beautiful silver-fox fur jacket from Stephan Caras. I can’t even express how fabulous I felt, and how warm it was despite the short sleeves and windy temperature.

Outfit details: Stephan Caras fur jacket & pants (currently in stock)Laundry top (~5 years old), Vince Camuto heels (currently in stock)

I noticed that this season everybody is taking their street style approach from a more casual direction. I’m a firm believer that “you can never be over-dressed or over-educated”, but I do appreciate the care-free approach of personal style off the runway.

At the end of the day, there is nobody you have to satisfy with your sense of style other than yourself.

Looking forward to these last two nights of Canadian made fashion – and hope to see you there!



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