Toronto Fashion Week – monday’s details

This is actually my first time attending any Fashion Week, though I have stalked numerous photos from events all across the globe. I already had a good sense of what to expect, how to dress for that “street style” thing, and what shows I would be most interested in.


Unfortunately for me, my midterms at Ryerson University fell the same week as Toronto Fashion Week. As a result, instead getting a full-week media pass, I resorted to just buying tickets to the two shows I wanted to see most: Pink Tartan and Preloved.

Last night was day 1 of the event, which is when I attended Preloved’s show. The brand just turned 20, an exciting milestone for just about anything. What’s great about their clothing is the cause behind the brand. If not for Preloved, all those fabrics would be in the dumpster right now. Using materials that are “unwanted” by others, or cuts from vintage pieces, Preloved creates the cutest sweaters, coats, and other pieces – each one unique and different from the other.


Watching Preloved’s show made me feel like I was at a beach party. With it’s tropical theme, models walking in aviators and flowers in their hair, it made me want SS16 to come sooner! Learn more about the brand, or take a look at their products here.

Aside from the runway shows and the promotional booths, street style is a huge part of any city’s Fashion Week. When it comes to my style, yes, I like to be quirky and a little bit out there, but I don’t like overdoing things. I found that some of the spectators looked almost absurd with their full skirts and heels and hairstyles that looked like maybe they should have been on the runway for the funkiest designer. There’s a certain level of nose-in-the-air that I can handle, and I found some people overdid it with their self-confidence. Modesty and being humble goes a long way!

Photo by Janine Maral

My outfit choice was a bit of a transitional from lecture hall to runway look. Having had lectures at Ryerson beforehand, I needed a look that would work for both the streets of university, and the streets surrounding David Pecaut Square.

Photo by Janine MaralOutfit Details –

Top: American Eagle

Jeans: H&M

Shoes: Michael Kors

Coat: Ted Baker

Sunglasses: Dior

And the bag? Believe it or not… from Indigo. Yes, that’s right, the company partnered with Chapters and Coles, the company selling mostly books. It was during my break between lecture and show that I popped into Indigo just for kicks, and saw the bag lying on the SALE shelf for a grand total of $19.50. Can’t make it to Indigo? You can get it online, or even look into getting their alternative colour – red! It’s super spacious – I could fit either my wallet or sunglasses case in it, as well as my iPhone, keys, and other small essentials.

The point of my outfit was to keep things simple, business-casual, with a bit of a pop. I’d like to think I succeeded. Tomorrow is a night many have been waiting for. Narces, Pink Tartan, and Mackage… Catch me at the Pink Tartan show! Definitely won’t be in jeans tomorrow! 😉


What did you think of my outfit? Any favourite street style looks?

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