Taking Fashion Week Style to the Street

I wrote previously about how sometimes the “personal style” showcased at fashion week, be it Milan, Paris, New York, or Toronto, can sometimes be a little bit over the top. You can read more about it here, but the gist of it is, I believe it’s important to stay true to who you are – and also somewhat maintain your dignity as a human being.

Funny enough, it seemed like the Toronto fashion industry got the memo about avoiding going over the top, and went completely under. There was not a single feathered boa to be seen. Men showed up in jeans, chelsea boots, and bomber jackets. The world of street style fashion was not present in Toronto.

(Ok, I might be exaggerating, there was indeed a fair amount of fun and fashion-forward outfits present.)

When it comes to having an excuse to dress up, I’m all for it. All week, I had the pleasure of mixing and matching pieces from Stephan Caras, one of Canada’s most prestigious designers (you can see the other looks here). My personal “grand finale” on friday night (which was also the night of their show) was a red and black plaid two-piece suit with bronze and feathered detailing. You can see the whole collection on their website. I styled it together with leather pumps from Vince Camuto (similar here), and an oversized black leather clutch from Ted Baker (click here).


My look was all about classy and sophisticated on top, and sexy from the waist down, and yes, I did feel like a superstar all evening. My legs also froze and I was unsure about my ability to walk ever again, but in the name of fashion, it was so worth it! (kind of). Now the major question I ask myself is, when will I ever wear this again?

Even looking at other attendees (who dressed up beyond a little black dress) you may think, yea, they look amazing/crazy/fun/stylish/eccentric, but will those clothes be collecting dust until they can wear it again to Fashion Week without anyone remembering it from last time?


That’s why I decided to take advantage of having these pieces in my closet, and style them separately for an “everyday person” kind of look, and prove that yes, I can wear my Fashion Week Street Style clothes after fashion week is long behind us.

Like any statement jacket, the easiest and most classic way to style it is with jeans and a white tank top. That’s my go-to whenever I am in doubt of what to wear. I actually wore it that way (buttoned up though) in the earlier hours of Day 5 of TFW before changing into the shorts. The detailing on the jacket stands out to begin with, but stands out even more when styled casually. Perfect for a night out for drinks in Yorkville.

The shorts were a little bit more challenging to style for an everyday outfit, given they are slightly heavy for the summer, and shorts in the winter could seem taboo for some. That’s why they are a great piece for the transitional seasons of fall and spring (hey, isn’t it spring now?), when you can layer them on top of an opaque tight, and keep it simple on top. I’ve also added this Zara backpack to make it into a back-to-school fashionista kind of look, but kept it “adult” with block-heel ankle boots.

I don’t encourage shopping for statement pieces or outfits to wear once in a lifetime (or for one fashion week), but I do encourage shopping for them so you can mix-and-match in different ways – let’s call them investment pieces in this case. Find items that you can pair numerous ways, and wear from one season to the next. And most importantly, don’t be afraid of “repeat outfits”. At the end of the day, if an outfit is a success and you feel great about it, then there’s no reason why it should stay hidden in your closet!

A massive thank you and big hug goes out to the whole team at Stephan Caras Design Inc, especially Sharida who took the time out of her busy schedule to help style some outfits for me for Toronto Fashion Week!



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