The GTA’s 3 Healthy (and Vegan) Gems

Ironically, I’m not even a vegan as I write this, but I do have a strong appreciation to taking every possible dietary restriction and making the best out of it. These three businesses have done just that – acknowledging every single “No, I can’t eat that” and making sure you can indeed eat it and indulge.

Every meal, snack, and coffee:

Sorelle & Co.


A local treasure, the cafe stands on Rutherford Road, just between Bathurst St and Dufferin St in Vaughan. With an extensive menu of anything you can think of, Sorelle & Co. also offers its guests an elegant interior that is unbelievably perfect for pictures beautiful enough to hang on your wall. Additionally, they’ve got a stand inside the Saks 5th Avenue on Queen St, and rumour has it another location will be popping up in the future.

Top Picks: Mean Green Smoothie & Carrot Cupcake




This. Place. Rocks! I wish I lived a little bit closer so I could go there more often and indulge in their completely guilt-free 100% vegan soft serve. With a great selection of flavours, toppings, and even styles (popsicles!), it’s guaranteed that this will be the tastiest, healthiest, dessert you’ll ever try. Most importantly, they have an affogato version: that’s right, espresso trickled on top of their delectable soft serve. Located in the upper end of the city, just moments walk from Sheppard Station, and with ample parking nearby, it’s a dessert parlour that is easy to access for anyone.

Top Pick: Rosey Pistachio Soft Serve

On The Go:

The PUR Company


This Toronto-born brand is taking the world by storm, and giving everybody the gum and mints health-enthusiasts have always dreamed of: aspartame-free, vegan, sugar-free, and packed with natural flavours. Let’s be real, between all those meals and desserts (especially the affogato NanaShake), it’s necessary to freshen up. These PUR bad boys can be found in numerous locations across the GTA, including Whole Foods, Winners, and Sorelle & Co.

Top Picks: Mojito-Lime Mints, Spearmint Gum


Though the GTA (especially the downtown core) has many vegan and plant-based offerings, these are the three that I found most accessible to someone living in the Richmond Hill/Vaughan area. From snacks to dessert to just something to chew on between meals, Sorelle & Co., NanaShake, and PUR have you covered.

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  1. natashanesrine says:

    I love Sorelle and I’ve heard great things about the Nanashake. You’re giving me motivation to go check it out 🙂 And to top it off I just had two pieces of pur gum today. #FeelingTrendy

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