Renaissance of the Small Mall (Win a Shopping Spree!)

Growing up in the suburbs of Toronto, Thornhill and Richmond Hill, there were only really a few hang out places that my friends and I could go to in our younger years. Getting into the age of acquired driver’s licenses, Hillcrest Mall became a lunchtime destination in high school. As the years went by, truthfully, nothing changed. Same old stores, same old food joints at the food court, same old crowds. It got boring, and as our tastes changed, so did our willingness to travel for shopping.

It seems as though Oxford Properties caught on to the needs that weren’t being met in Richmond Hill, and $90-million-plus of renovations later, Hillcrest became a majorly upgraded shopping destination. Joining their new Sephora, David’s Tea, Marciano, and an improved Hudson’s Bay, Hillcrest Mall introduced its new South Wing just a few days ago with a 40,000 sq. foot Sporting Life and a fairly large H&M as well. Coming up in November, the mall will open doors to Pandora and Aritzia, and who knows what the future will hold in years to come.

In celebration of the much anticipated expansion, Hillcrest is taking it to the streets with The Hillcrest Mobile Collection. The installation will feature curated fall/winter fashion trends selected by key retailers. From October 26 – 28 from 4:00pm – 8:00pm, and October 29 from 1:00pm – 5:00pm, the truck’s location will be tweeted out every 30 minutes, and will give visitors a chance to win an outfit valued at $500-1000. Visitors can also win a $500 Shopping Spree by snapping and sharing their photos online.

Needless to say, the suburbs just got a lot more interesting!


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