How Starbucks Won My Heart

It’s National Coffee Day, and I thought what better day than today to finally put together a post I’ve been thinking about since July.

Let’s backtrack a few years: I used to drink Starbucks all day every day, the overly sweet drinks like Caramel Macchiatos, and thought I couldn’t live without them. That was until I realized that a simple cappuccino without any add-ons is the greatest thing ever, and instead of relying on Starbucks’ flavoursome sweeteners, I started to actually taste the coffee, and eventually moved on to flavours I preferred over the big coffee giant.

For a couple of years, I stayed loyal to Aroma, Illy, Balzac’s, and independent cafés around the city, and basically boycotted Starbucks.

Until one fine summer day, when I did not have time to stand in line.

I caved and downloaded the Starbucks app, and started making mobile orders from the comfort of my office chair. By the time the elevator came and I got to Starbucks, my coffee was ready to go, and I made my way back up to work. Productivity changed drastically.

Additionally, by having the app, I began collecting stars and rewards. Every $70 spent or so, I qualified for any item on the menu for free – yup, even those $7 protein boxes. Some days I would get lucky, and my regular order would qualify for a double star day, and I’d reap the rewards even sooner.

Many people say that Starbucks pours gasoline into the fire for poor spending habits (specifically on coffee). Perhaps, but when you’re already having 2-3 coffees a day as it is, you may as well get rewarded for it and have the convenience of waltzing into the cafe and waltzing right out with your coffee in hand within 30 seconds.

No, I don’t think Starbucks has the best tasting coffee in the city, in the country, or in the world, but their customer service and loyalty makes it worth the while.

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