the last minute holiday gift guide (women’s edition)

Ah yes, the holiday season. If you are reading this, you’re too late (Drake fans, I’m sure you got the reference). But alas! You are not too late! There is still hope for you to get something decent under the tree, and it wont take hours to find at the mall. With this gift guide, you will only need to make one or two stops to get the almost-perfect gift (or set) for your girlfriends!

In some cases, your friends already own everything they really wanted. In others, they’re not that close to you for you to know what they would die for. A lot of times my friends and myself receive presents that just go on the shelf to be used as re-gifts for next year. Things like wallets, mascara, and other things that in all honestly, you’d rather pick out yourself.

There’s nothing worse than getting something wonderful, and quite frankly not cheap, but you really just don’t have a preference for it. We get used to the things we own, to the brands we know and trust, and when somebody that doesn’t know us well enough gets us something we don’t really want to use, it only makes it more awkward than pulling a “Christmas is about being with those you cherish, not gifts”.

Here are a few standard guaranteed gifts you can buy for your friends near and far (and they can actually be very thoughtful!):

M.A.C. Matte Lipstick. Honestly, I don’t know a single girl who doesn’t love a good quality matte lipstick. You should at least know what colour your gal pal will be inclined to use more. Usually a classic red is a safe gift, unless of course she doesn’t ever wear bright lipstick. Then maybe this isn’t the gift for her.

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A mug. Indigo sells the CUTEST mugs, whether they are to-go or for home. I got one for my Secret Santa at work that says “Hello Lovely” on it, because that is literally the exact way she greets EVERYBODY. (She was running around work screaming “Hello Lovely” in her British accent after she opened it.) I personally love having original and unique tea mugs at home, because it adds some personality to the kitchen. In some cases, you may need one at work as well, if you’ve got a kettle and people making their own tea and coffee all the time.

Marc Jacobs nail polish. Just like M.A.C.’s matte lipstick, you can’t go wrong with a high-end nail polish. A lot of women wouldn’t be compelled to spend $22 on a nail polish, so why not spoil them and do it for them? Note: If your friend never paints her own nails and solely gets them done at the salon, this may be a bad pick. Keep reading.

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Tea. For the mug, you always need to add tea. You can’t go wrong with a green or white tea from Teavana or David’s Tea. After the opening of these two stores, looseleaf tea culture has really taken off, and it’s actually a nice present to receive. I mean, who doesn’t drink tea?! My personal favourite is Youthberry at Teavana (Starbucks also serves it.)

A nice shopper bag. By this I mean something like the standard Ted Baker icon bag. It’s not too expensive, it’s cute, it’s great for carrying gym clothes or a lunch, and really, you can’t go wrong with it.

A purse accessory. For a fashionista this is also one thing you really couldn’t go wrong with. Get her a cute fur ball or a tassled keychain, and she has a new accessory to dress up her purse with.

A tabletop book. If you know the lucky lady well enough, you could find a book on a topic she is passionate about. Loves Paris and french style? Get her How To Be Parisian Wherever You Are. There’s something about books like this that just get us all girly and excited.

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A gift card. I mean, if you’re budgeting for at least $50, then you might as well get them a gift card for a store you know they love, and not worry about it. They’ll appreciate the extra boost to go shopping for their favourite pieces!


Hopefully this helps you with your last minute gift shopping! Feel free to leave more ideas in the comments.

These ideas were extracted from the last-minute shopping I did myself.

Want a men’s last minute holiday gift guide? Socks and cufflinks. That is all.


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