Inspiration: Long-Weekend Fashionista

Two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of heading out to a cottage up north for the weekend, and forgot all the rules of fashion. My weekend had a rotation of three outfits: bikini, t-shirt (with holes in it) and denim shorts, and a hoodie with sweatpants. And really, could you blame me? If I wasn’t paddle-boarding or swimming across the lake, then I was roasting marshmallows by the fire or bathing myself in anti-mosquito spray. There really wasn’t space for nice clothes at that point.

And here we are, on Canada Day, and sadly, I’m stuck in the city (or what most consider the suburbs), but managed to have the weekend off work anyway. With less than desirable weather today on this beautiful country’s birthday, and no concrete plans the rest of the weekend, I really have no clue what can happen. In other words, I’m in civilization, and my days will probably consist of brunch outings and family get-togethers. Which means – the rules of fashion do apply.

So here’s the pieces of inspiration that will get me through the long weekend, whether they currently lay in my closet or not:

Denim Culottes

I can’t even tell you why, but somehow culottes have made a reappearance in runway shows and the streets. Why would anyone bring back this trend? Who knows. But at least now I don’t need to worry about how many squats I do in the morning before putting on a pair of skinny jeans, because this Michael Kors pair of denim culottes is the perfect “I don’t care how my butt looks” alternative.

Not-So-Basic White T-Shirt

White T-shirts are the best thing to ever happen to my closet, especially when they’re not entirely plain. This SS16 Ted Baker lace back T-shirt has been a staple piece of my closet this season, as I literally wear it all the time with everything. This weekend is the perfect time to throw it together with a pair of dressy pants for an evening out, or a pair of shorts for a walk in the park. Though this specific shirt is almost completely sold out Canada-wide, I found a great one-shoulder T that would essentially do the same job.

Photo from Nordstrom website

A Statement Purse

In case you’re heading to the Queen’s Plate this long weekend, or you just want to arrive to brunch in style, I’ve got the purse for you. It’s hard to compete with Kate Spade when it comes to teeny tiny statement purses, but this one definitely takes the cake – why yes, it is a teapot. Maybe because I’m Russian and every single meal of my existence is followed by a cup of tea, but something about this purse just screams Sunday morning at La Société. The best part? You can fit an iPhone 6/6S into it easily.


The Everyday Block Heel

Two winters ago, I got amazing ankle boots on a high block heel, and I literally wore them every day for the following two falls, winters, and springs. Now that summer is upon us, I am missing those shoes in my closet, which is how I ended up finding (but not being able to afford) these Stuart Weitzman “Nearly Nude” sandals. If I had it my way, I’d be wearing these babies all weekend long. The perfect heel height to take you from running errands around the suburbs, to drinks in the city.

Photo from @stuartweitzman Instagram

So maybe I don’t have most of these pieces in my closet, and I can’t channel my inner fashionista precisely the way I’d want to. But until I have an extra $1000 to drop on this outfit, I’ll have to find weekend inspiration in the pieces that exist in my possession.

Hopefully this post has sparked some fashionista inspiration within you as well. What are you wearing this long weekend, and how are you spending it?

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