Mocktails For Your Workout – 3 Drinks That Will Make You Think You’re At A Bar Instead Of The Gym

Do you ever find yourself halfway through a workout wishing you were at a bar sipping on a cocktail instead? Me too. Which is why I’ve decided to attempt to make it easier for all of us to survive those crucial hours of the day set aside to making ourselves look better at the beach. They say all good things come in threes, so I’ve come up with three stupidly easy drinks you can take to your workout that resemble some of our favourite cocktails.


The Motivational Mojito

Take away the sugar, the rum, and the carbonated liquid, and you’re all set for a gym-friendly mojito. As easy as 1, 2, 3, mix your lime, mint, and water, and you’ve got yourself a drink! Add some liquid oxygen (yes, that’s a thing), and you’ll be killing the cardio instead of the other way around.You can also add a scoop of Glutamine to your drink after your workout to avoid soreness the next day.

The Powerful Piña Colada

Even easier than the mojito, this one only has two ingredients: pineapple and coconut water. Throw ’em in your Magic Bullet (or blender, whatever), and you are ready to burn some fat with all the enzymes in that pineapple. If you’re feeling very sporty, you can upgrade to a Powerful Protein Piña Colada by mixing in a scoop of your favourite protein powder (if that’s something that floats your boat).

The Strong Strawberry Daiquiri

Nope, not strong in alcohol, but strong in the antioxidants and vitamins packed inside a strawberry. I’ve made this drink by squeezing half a lemon and mixing the juice with strawberries and some good ol’ H2O. Again, just like the previous drink, you can “spice it up” by adding some protein or liquid oxygen to it (or any booster of your choice). This one is probably my favourite, as I find berries are an easy fruit to digest while huffing and puffing.

And there you have it ladies and gentlemen, forget the bar when you can get the same delicious flavours while working towards that summer body.

Do you have any go-to workout drinks that you love putting together? Share them in the comments below!


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