outfit: travelling in style and beating the heat

Having been in Italy for a week in extreme heat, it was challenging being comfortable and avoiding looking like a hot mess all at once. There are a few key pieces that helped me create a perfect look (and feel!) for tackling the ruins of Rome, Italy.
From top to bottom:

IMG_5475JCrew 100% Linen T-shirt. Although in +35 degree weather it may be tempting to open up as much as possible with a camisole or a tube top, I still stick to my T-shirt. Having my shoulders covered not only protects them from the sun, but it also makes it much easier to walk into a church and be allowed to look inside. Being in a city full of sacred holy places, it’s best to at least have my shoulders covered when we discover another church. In the case that it’s so hot that I wish I was in a crop top, I can easily tie up the shirt around my waist, and roll up the sleeves.

Michael Kors white shorts (not visible). Short enough, super thin, really light. The perfect combination for a hot summer day! Of course, them being white is a downside due to the dirt and dust in the ruins, and of course the need to sometimes take a seat and rest – sometimes sitting in not the cleanest of areas.

New Balance grey walking sneakers. I would never run a marathon in these kicks, because that’s not what they’re meant for. They’re a great shoe for sight seeing and travelling, with just enough support and cushion for a full day of exploration. I picked grey when buying them because you can match them with any outfit, and they don’t stand out too much in the way to clash a look. With my thin legs and not-small feet, it’s hard to find a good sneaker, but this one is just narrow and compact enough to even look good with skinny jeans.

Ted Baker Markun cross body bag. This is probably the best thing I ever bought, and it deserves a blog post of its own. Made with 100% genuine leather, it’s soft, durable, and most importantly: spacious! I’m sure many of you may agree that it’s hard to find a bag that will fit all your travelling needs for the day, but this bag not only looks great, but can carry pretty much anything I need. As a bonus, the strap can be adjusted to make it into a backpack!


Though I may not look like a serious fashionista in this outfit, it provides comfort and breathability for my skin in the heat. Before arriving in Italy, I imagined to be wearing cute dresses and looking like a runway model all throughout the week. With sweat trickling down my face, that proved to be rather difficult, and I’m more than fine with the alternative wardrobe. Hopefully that gives you some insight and realization for your upcoming travels to sunny destinations!

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