Pre-TFW: a look into the Toronto fashion scene

Up until I started my blog and started getting slightly more involved with the fashion industry, I didn’t know much about Canadian designers other than Pink Tartan, Mackage, and Rudsak.

With Toronto Fashion Week just a couple days away, it’s safe to say I am definitely more up to date. And quite frankly, if I plan to keep writing about fashion on The Lifestyle Bistro, it would be embarrassing not to know the designers who work a mere 20-minute drive away (I’m a suburban girl).

I had the pleasure of getting to know the team at the world headquarters of Stephan Caras over the past little while and fell in love with the designs. Located in the heart of Toronto, the historically designated heritage building captured my heart before I even stepped foot inside the atelier.

Once inside, I was in awe. In my whole life, I had never seen a shop quite like this one in  Toronto. I couldn’t even believe that I was still in Canada. I won’t get too carried away, as nobody likes spoilers, because this is a place you’ll have to check out for yourself!

Up on the 2nd floor is the design office. Kyriakos is hard at work making the finishing touches before Friday’s runway show at David Pecaut Square.

Back on the ground floor (shop floor), I spent the afternoon trying on all sorts of styles, and got myself geared up for upcoming TFW. I had a blast with Sharida, who picked out pieces and styled some outfits – the best part was, I was able to remain true to my own sense of style. Too often we end up in high-end stores and are pressured by the staff to go for pieces we don’t even like, but this was far from the case at Stephan Caras.

Walking out of the shop with my hands full of bags, it’s safe to say I am so ready to work that “street style” next week!

If you want to be a part of Toronto’s fashion industry, and make an appearance at Toronto Fashion Week, it’s still not too late. With just a click away, you can get yourself tickets to some of the Canadian fashion scene’s hottest shows.

And if you are attending, and catch me walking around – don’t hesitate to say hi!

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