Resort Review – Majestic Colonial

Honestly, I am impressed.

Having stayed next door last year, at the adult-only Luxury Bahia Principe Ambar, I wasn’t sure what to expect from the least luxurious section of Majestic Resorts in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. To be perfectly honest, I enjoyed my stay at the Colonial much more than the Ambar.

Beach: If you’ve ever stayed along the Bavaro strip in Punta Cana, you’ll know the beach is impeccable. White sands, beautiful waters, and clear blue skies (if weather permits). You can catch the sunrise from the beach, and take long walks in both directions – both of which offer great picture taking opportunities. The Majestic property itself offers more than enough umbrella huts with at least two loungers and one table per umbrella. But do yourself a favour – go to the beach at 8am and drop your towels on a pair of loungers before heading to breakfast. Otherwise, you may find yourself without any shade on the beach.


Pool: Though I barely spent any time by the pool, it’s quite the site as well. It runs all the way along the hotel, from the beach, almost reaching the lobby. There are a flew blockades in the water, so you can’t swim from one end to the other, but you most certainly can lie anywhere around it on one side of it. The other side is occupied by patios of ground-floor rooms going out to the pool. During the week there were two foam parties, and many other activities keeping everybody entertained all day every day.


Food: If you’ve ever travelled to Cuba, you will REALLY appreciate the food in Punta Cana. Though the main buffet is not enormous, it still offers a fairly wide variety of freshly made food. In the wintertime, there are plenty of vegetables available to make salads, and a great selection of fruit – papaya is at its peak at this time of year. You can have freshly custom made pastas, fish, and meat dishes made right in front of you. The two-part restaurant located on the beach offers a smaller variety buffet for breakfast and lunch than the main buffet, but definitely enough if you’d like to lunch beside the beach instead of trekking back to the lobby area. At dinner, the beach restaurant splits into two – a grill, and a seafood restaurant, both of which are a-la-carte. I definitely recommend making a reservation at the Japanese restaurant (also a-la-carte) where you will enjoy a live teppanyaki show, both delicious and impressive.


Room: Going back to my comparison to the Luxury section next door at Bahia, I was shocked to find the rooms at Majestic Colonial bigger and nicer. A large king-size bed, enough space for a cot (if you’re travelling with a child), a couch, a desk, flat screen tv, and the most beautiful amenity – a jacuzzi bath tub in the middle of the room. Now, this may be bothersome depending on who your travel companion is. As a couple, it was a luxury and extremely enjoyable (especially having a bottle of complimentary champagne in the room to drink during the bubble bath). There is a double-sink counter that is directly in the room, and two separate rooms for the shower and toilet (both with unlockable blurred glass doors). I could see this being a deal breaker for some people, as you can hear EVERYTHING going on in the toilet from the bed. All in all – other than the way the bathroom is built (lack of privacy), the room is exquisite.

Entertainment: The evening shows were hit or miss. The ones where they hired people outside the resort to perform were amazing – Rock Night, Circus Night, and Michael Jackson show. The shows that involved the hotel’s dance team… Not so impressive. The moves were repetitive, the choreography was boring, and the execution wasn’t all that great either. One night featured the resort’s entertainment team, where they ran a “Most Extraordinary Couple” contest amongst 4 couples of guests, which was hysterically funny. The entertainment team was around the resort from 10:00am until late in the evening, keeping everybody’s spirits high – contests, games, or just DJing and getting everybody dancing. One rainy evening they set up a DJ stand in the lobby and had everybody dancing and singing along to the music.

Other: The two-story lobby is beautiful, although I find the top floor was empty at many times. There stood an electronic piano that played 2 hours worth of music from a jukebox, which was not impressive at all. The resort could look into investing in a real piano with a real piano player around dinner time. The lower floor had the bar that had the crowd around it all times, especially when the entertainers were around. If you’re looking to meet people to drink and party with, that’s the place to do it.

The disco was a fair size, like a small club in a metropolitan city, and though not always full of people, it was still a good time. The DJ was open to requests, and with the right crowd, even if it’s small, it’s possible to get lost in the music for a couple hours.

And of course, the amenity most modern-day vacationers worry about most: the Wi-Fi. It works all over the resort, even by the pool and on the beach, but I found it worked best in the room. It was definitely a new and unusual experience to be able to FaceTime those back home from the comfort of my lounge chair on the beach.

The only down-side during our stay was when the battery for the room key on our door died, and we were unable to get into the room for an hour in the middle of the day (which was precious beach time). Customer Service could have been a little bit quicker at resolving this issue. Other than that, our stay was certainly memorable, and it’s safe to say this will be a first pick for our future vacations.


Have you had a similarly good experience with this resort, or do you have any questions? Feel free to comment and let me know!


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