Rome: Gli Angeletti for dinner

Having had a well known Roman restaurant recommended to us, La Carbonara, we arrived there to find out it’s impossible to get in without a reservation. As a result, we were forced to look for elsewhere to eat.


Being close to most touristic points of interest, it was rather difficult to find a place with a promising menu and decent prices. Finally, after making a couple of turns, we came to Via dell’Angeletto (Street of the Angel), where Gli Angeletti stood. First two very good signs: full tables, and no host standing outside trying to tempt us to come inside. The menu showed a good selection of authentic Italian dishes, for very decent prices. We decided to give it a try.


Going to a true Italian place, you can’t expect to get the same service and experience as you do in North America. Italians are very “chilled out” people, and aren’t in a rush to please you. Quite frankly, they don’t even care if you leave unhappy, because someone else will think otherwise anyway.

We came into the restaurant, and of course, as per usual in Italy, we had to get the attention of a server to get us to a table. Being the culturally understanding people that we are, we didn’t think much of it (but some reviewers on TripAdvisor thought otherwise). Servers were always running around, so it wasn’t too hard to get someone’s attention when we were ready to order.

As I mentioned, the experience is not like the one in North America. Nobody will come to you and ask how the first few bites are tasting, and to be perfectly honest, that is wonderful. You actually get to sit and enjoy your meal with your companion, you don’t need to answer any strangers’ useless questions while your mouth is full of pasta, and you are given the opportunity to actually comprehend the flavours you are eating.

Now onto the drink and food:

IMG_5618Let’s start from the most important: house wine. We ordered a 1L pitcher of white house wine, which came to a total cost of 9Euro, and tasted absolutely delicious. It was sparkling, it was light, not too sweet, and to best describe it: perfect.

We both ordered Bruschetta (pronounced brus[K]etta) as our appetizer, and then proceeded to risotto and fettucine. One thing you need to know about pasta in Italy: it’s cooked Al Dente, which means it’s not overcooked, and isn’t falling apart in your plate. For all those TripAdvisor reviews that said their pasta was undercooked at Gli Angeletti: it’s supposed to be that way!

In a nutshell, the food and drink really gives you the real Italian flavour of eating, and for an extremely reasonable price. Aside from that, the aura of the place adds to that authentic Italian style, having a very “at home” feel.

A great bonus to this place is their appreciation. We left a tip, and although not big, one of the servers ran out to the street after us and offered us to come back to have some limoncello on the house. Such a small gesture, but it definitely left a lasting final touch to the whole experience.

Definitely recommended for anybody travelling to Rome and looking to have a great dinner in Italy, the way it should be. It was so good, that we went there twice!


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