How to Wear Summer Clothes All Year Round

Do you ever cry a little when October rolls around, and you slowly but surely start shoving your summer clothes into the back of your closet, or worse, boxing everything up and putting it away in storage or in your basement?

I am so attached to the summer season, so when this moment comes, I feel heartbroken. That feeling of folding away my denim skirts, camisoles, chino shorts, and summer dresses is one of the worst experiences of the year. On the bright side, by now I’ve collected a good amount of staple fall/winter pieces, and this fall I completed my “Autumn Essentials” with the boots of my dreams: the Stuart Weitzman Highlands.

Not only was I ecstatic to start wearing them with all my oversized knits and wool dresses, but I was excited to have the opportunity to unlock the secret to wearing my summer clothes all year round. It really was as easy as 1-2-3: 1. Put on clothes. 2. Put on OTK boots. 3. Go out.

Who would have thought – all it took to keep some of those summer pieces hanging in my closet longer was a pair of over-the-knee boots. Of course it won’t work with everything (like say a white floral neoprene dress) but there is definitely LOTS of hope for summer clothing. So far, with the help of my new boots, I’ve been able to keep wearing my favourite Paige Denim skirt, as well as a delicate silk dress from Aritzia.

And it definitely shouldn’t be limited to one pair of shoes to save your summer pieces. Who’s to say you can’t keep wearing your camisoles under cardigans, shorts over dark nylons, t-shirts on top of turtlenecks, and any other creative combination that may come to mind.

When it comes to fashion and personal style, I truly believe that everyone is entitled to their own weapon of choice – for this challenge, mine happened to be OTK boots.

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