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Toronto Fashion Week – wednesday’s details

Compared to Day 1, coming to David Pecaut Square on Wednesday was like a movie (well, almost). I got there a little bit early, and just got attacked by street style photographers. Granted, I did go a little more “full out” this time around, as Day 3 showcased some of the week’s biggest shows: Narces, Pink Tartan, and Mackage. Continue reading Toronto Fashion Week – wednesday’s details

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feature: the photographer with a stylish edge

It’s not everyday you find someone who looks good both behind and in front of the camera. And good looks is just one of the many things Pamela Carriere, Torontonian portrait photographer, graces us with. Continue reading feature: the photographer with a stylish edge

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music: my top 8 sing-alongs

In my previous post earlier today, I mentioned that blasting music and singing along could help get some negative energy out. As I was driving today, blasting my music, singing along, I decided I would share with you my top 8 songs for doing just that. Continue reading music: my top 8 sing-alongs

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Amsterdam: Van Gogh museum

When you think of Amsterdam you usually think of Dam Square, perhaps the coffee shops, Heineken beer, and of course the Rijksmuseum showcasing the city’s well-known “I amsterdam” sign. But low and behold, just around the corner are a few other museums, one of which is the Van Gogh museum. With it’s newly renovated entrance, it’s quite the sight from the very first moment. Continue reading Amsterdam: Van Gogh museum

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bloggers’ choice: five pieces under $99

If you have at least any interest in fashion and retail, you know it’s hard to come by really nice affordable pieces for your wardrobe. A nice shirt will cost $250, and a pair of statement pumps can be in the thousands. That’s why I got together with a few bloggers worldwide to bring you a few pieces that were found and purchased in the double digits, and soon became favourites. Continue reading bloggers’ choice: five pieces under $99

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5 small easy ways to eat and drink healthier – instantly!

  1. Replace all juices and sodas with water. At moments of thirst we usually crave something sweet, but we are only worsening the situation. Sugars are fairly dehydrating, therefore doing the opposite of what you want your drink to do. Not to mention the amount of unnecessary calories in those drinks.
  2. Lose the caramel from your caramel macchiato. I’ve made this transition myself, and that is exactly how I learned to appreciate REAL, tasty coffee. You will really save yourself on extra fat (and cash) if you simply order a cappuccino or a latte. The syrup and the drizzle account for about an extra 100 calories. Do you need those calories? No, you don’t.
  3. Ask for the dressing on the side. Believe it or not, sometimes ordering a salad is not the best “I’m on a diet” choice at a restaurant. In many cases, the dressing – what makes your salad so scrumptious and delicious – is harming you more than the veggies are helping you. To help yourself, you can either completely skip the dressing, or ask for it on the side. If the restaurant’s given dressing choice is extremely caloric, it may be a good idea to simply ask for some Extra Virgin Olive Oil on the side instead.
  4. Reject the cold water at the restaurant. Yes, I am encouraging you to be that picky customer who asks for hot water with lemon. Drinking cold water during your meal is probably one of the most common nutrition mistakes. The cold temperature of the water slows down your metabolism – making the breakdown of the foods you are attempting to digest much slower, and giving your body a greater chance to hold onto all the wrong things. Drinking warm water will help you burn off and digest your meal much more easily.
  5. Glass of red wine over everything. Don’t get me wrong, I love my mojito, my caesar, my cosmopolitan, and of course, my beer. But when push comes to shove, and it’s time to make healthier choices in a drinking environment, red wine is the way to go. Research goes to show that the nutrients in red wine can break down fats and lower blood pressure. Drinking and losing weight?! What could be better, am I right?

Continue reading 5 small easy ways to eat and drink healthier – instantly!

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date night: take me out to the ball game

Whether you’ve just started seeing someone, or it’s a long term relationship, there’s always the question: what are we going to do tonight? Continue reading date night: take me out to the ball game

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fashion: the printed skirt meets a really bright colour

Last week I bought a new skirt from Ted Baker’s AW15 collection, a tile floral printed midi skirt, found here. Not only am I in love with the fit of the skirt, I am in awe of the colours and details of the print. The combination of tiles and florals is fairly pale and dull, but touches of baby blue bring out brighter hues in the skirt. Continue reading fashion: the printed skirt meets a really bright colour