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June & July Closet Favourites

I can’t believe how fast the summer flew by. We have just one month left until back to school, back to more layers and shorter days, but luckily a lot of the pieces I’ve been obsessed with this summer can be transitioned into the colder months as well. I get a lot of good feedback on how I dress, especially on the outfits I actually post in full on Instagram. Not surprisingly, those outfits consist of pieces and combinations that I end up wearing over and over again, and as a result I actually run low on opportunities to post #ootd shots. Being the opportunist that I am, I decided to showcase those favourite pieces here, on The Lifestyle Bistro, every now and then and talk about where to find them or similar pieces.¬† Continue reading June & July Closet Favourites

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fashion: the fluffy friend trend

I’m sure you have noticed the balls of fur dangling on practically every wealthy person’s bag lately. This trend was sparked by ¬†Fendi back in fall 2013, and became a huge hit ever since. We see these furry friends hanging on the bags of celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Insta-famous fashionistas like @upcloseandstylish, and just about anybody who’s weekly salary is equivalent to my yearly income. Continue reading fashion: the fluffy friend trend

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outfit: travelling in style and beating the heat

Having been in Italy for a week in extreme heat, it was challenging being comfortable and avoiding looking like a hot mess all at once. There are a few key pieces that helped me create a perfect look (and feel!) for tackling the ruins of Rome, Italy. Continue reading outfit: travelling in style and beating the heat