Shop My Fall Outfit Of The Day – October 26

As you may recall, back in September I posted one of my outfits with links to all the pieces to make it easy to shop the look. This is something I’m hoping to do more often on the blog, and I got the opportunity to take some photos wearing a really “feel good” outfit today while taking a walk with a good friend.


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What If I Was A Breakthrough Blogger?

It’s an interesting question to ask myself, especially in light of the Manrepeller/H&M/Bloglovin contest for “Breakthrough Fashion Blogger of the Year”. Although entering a contest is usually the easiest thing you could do, I found it challenging to have the guts to enter. I mean, who am I in the blogosphere? ¬†As I prepared my post for the contest, I noticed other bloggers slowly but surely submitting their entries… Bloggers who already had a strong fanbase, bloggers who had one sponsored project after another, bloggers who were already 70 light years ahead of me on their journey. What chance do I stand against them? Continue reading