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some positivity for you, Paris

Why is the world crying and praying for Paris? Because it’s familiar. Many have already travelled there, many have dreamt of going there, and only very few had a completely neutral feeling towards the city. Continue reading some positivity for you, Paris

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travel: hotel vs. airbnb

During our 17-day trip to Europe, we had the opportunity to stay in both hotels and also in an airbnb listing. If you are not familiar with airbnb, it’s a website designed to help you find apartments to rent out wherever you go, in a safe, certified way. You get options of renting out a room, or a full place to yourself. Although I probably don’t have nearly enough airbnb experience to judge it so quickly, I have enough travel and life experience to make some conclusions. Continue reading travel: hotel vs. airbnb

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Paris: the Ladurée experience

During my trip to Paris, I really wanted to feel and taste every possible French sensation I could. And of course, to taste something Parisian or French, is to eat the best macarons in the world. There are two most popular macaron producers in Paris, being Pierre Hermé and Ladurée. Having tried both, not only did Ladurée take the cake (hehe get it?) in taste, it also beat Pierre Hermé from a full experience point of view as well. Continue reading Paris: the Ladurée experience

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fashion: modifying the look of the Parisienne

For anyone who’s into fashion, Parisian fashion, and how you should/shouldn’t look when you travel to Paris, you know that they all say you should fit in as much as possible. You don’t want to stand out as a tourist, they say. Don’t wear bright colours, don’t wear sneakers, don’t do this, don’t do that. Continue reading fashion: modifying the look of the Parisienne

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Paris: the French Onion Soup debate

As North Americans, when we think of France, eating in France, and French cuisine, the French Onion Soup definitely comes to mind for most of us. So going to Paris last week, I thought “I will walk into any restaurant, and their Onion Soup will be superb!” which I think is a fair expectation. Continue reading Paris: the French Onion Soup debate

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Paris: the cheapest date night possible

Being in Paris with the love of my life is a dream come true. I couldn’t have asked for a better week, and probably from our last couple weeks of travel, Paris is the most romantic spot (yes, even more than Venice or Rome). Every sight, every sound, every corner we turn, makes us fall even more in love with each other and this city. Continue reading Paris: the cheapest date night possible