Things You Can Do Other Than Getting a Gym Membership

I don’t know about you guys, but when I hear the word “gym” I think B-O-O-ORING! and can’t help but fall back on the couch and keep eating cake.

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), life isn’t all about lying on the couch eating cake, and somewhere in between you’ve got to fit some physical exercise regardless of how much you want to or don’t want to. Continue reading

preparation for the 10k, & some words of advice

Here’s the tricky part about racing: you can’t do it without practice. Having ended my competitive dancing career almost one year ago, being busy with the start of my university studies, and generally not having any goal to work towards athletically, my shape has gotten out of it. So with just one week to prepare (and still midterms to write!) all I could really do is… run. I’m no personal trainer, but the way I think I can personally prepare best for this race, is to improve a little day by day. I did my first training: 5.6km, about 30% of which I took breaks to walk instead of run. Next up: trying to balance out my speed to be able to run the whole distance of 5.6km. And finally, adding distance day by day until the race! Continue reading