what you SHOULD do this Valentine’s Day

I’m going to be perfectly honest here, after having spent 3 Valentine’s Days in an extremely happy and loving relationship, I am so over it (the holiday, not the relationship).

I mean, what’s exciting or romantic about standing in line for over an hour at any given restaurant, or getting wilted over-priced roses that are going to look even worse the next day? And I’m sure it’s no fun for the males either, having to pay double for flowers, chocolate, and a card than what they would have paid any other given day.

After having recieved disappointing roses last year (only to realize that was the best he could get at 1:00pm on the 14th), I decided I was going to change our couple rules for Valentine’s Day once and for all.

Rule Number 1: NO FLOWERS! I care about my boyfriend enough that I don’t want him paying double for flowers just to check it off his list as a Valentine’s Day to-do. I mean, my birthday is a little under two weeks before V-Day anyway, so I’ll probably still have flowers standing in my room all fresh, perky, and normally-priced. And in the worst case scenario, just head over to the Rosarium a few days later, and do a better (and cheaper) job than any rushed 14th of February bouquet would have been.

Skip the restaurant: Again, if absolutely necessary do your dinner a few days early or a few days later. It’s February for crying out loud, the 14th is the only day anyone’s going to get any business in the industry (same goes for retail) – isn’t that why the holiday exists? Skip standing in line in the cold, skip getting rushed through your dinner in order to clear your table for the next guest, and skip the crappy prix-fixed menu.

I also don’t recommend giving in to the whole social media show-off game. I mean for god’s sake, there’s only so many pictures of flowers girls bought for themselves that society can handle seeing. It’s ridiculous how many arguments and fights are created because “oh my god, did you see my friend got flowers and breakfast in bed at 8 in the morning, and you are such a horrible boyfriend because it’s already noon and there is still no Ferrari in my driveway” (situation may be exaggerated) 

What should you do? Write a love letter. If there’s any way to actually appreciate the “holiday” and not get sucked into the money-spending craze (much like Christmas), it’s by putting pen to paper, and reminding your significant other why you love them, and what you love about them.

I remember a couple years ago, we got into a little argument and called off our dinner plans, but after sorting things through we decided to get take-out sushi. Who doesn’t looooove sushi, and it is the holiday of love anyway! So we set up a little bedside dinner table, a laptop streaming Netflix, and watched romantic comedies while eating sushi and drinking wine. In bed. And that, my friends, is perfection.

And that’s exactly what I suggest to you. Get your favourite take-out, spend 1/8 of the amount on alcohol by going to the liquor store instead of a restaurant, turn on some TV or just some relaxing music, turn off the social media machines, and just enjoy each other’s company.

I don’t need to get the biggest stuffed bear, or to post a picture of beautiful flowers on Instagram to know I’m loved. All I need is that person beside me, and his full undivided attention.

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