WEDDING/PARTY: How To Create Your Own “Hangover Kit” Favours Through Amazon PRIME

As you may or may not know, I got married last summer over the Canada Day long weekend – on Canada Day! Overall the entire day was a smashing success despite planning it entirely on my own and failing to hire a day-of coordinator (does that qualify me to become one?) I have few regrets, and unlike many brides, I’m sad the lead up and the day are long gone behind me.

One thing I do regret though, is not getting around to creating the wedding favours I actually wanted my guests to go home with: hangover kits.

Because I was so overwhelmed with planning the party, time slipped through my fingers, and I forgot about all the amazing resources I already had access to, i.e. Amazon PRIME! Though my big day is behind me, I hope to help a future bride-to-be in her quest to have the coolest favours possible, and in a jiffy (a.k.a. overnight shipping).

First and foremost, no hangover kit could be made possible without a baggy to hold all the goodies inside. I find this pack of 20 shown above, which you can order multiples of, is the best bang for your buck across Amazon. Cost per unit: $1.45 CAD pre-tax.

There are SO many options of what can be put inside a Hangover Kit bag, but here are my favourites (all titles link to their respective Amazon pages):

Advil – though hangovers come in a variety of ways, it’s pretty much a guarantee that a guest or two could use a little dose of Ibuprofen the day after a wild party. This box of 50 packets is perfect to buy individually packaged (with two tablets) Advil, and is a cost-saving but sanitary way to provide the necessary drugs to all your guests. Cost per unit: $0.33 CAD pre-tax.

Life Saver Mints – No one’s hangover breath is cute. Enough said. Cost per unit (approx.): $0.04 CAD pre-tax.

Band-aids – I don’t know about your culture and/or group of family and friends, but at my wedding we had people getting thrown in the air in chairs (hello Jewish wedding!) and others dancing on top of chairs by the end of the night. Anything can happen, and someone will likely have a boo-boo to cover up. Cost per unit: $0.17 CAD pre-tax.

Emergen-C Vitamin Powder – I wouldn’t necessarily consider this a mandatory addition to a hangover kit, but it is a great alternative to Gatorade (which the separate powder packets aren’t on Amazon). Cost per unit: $0.42 CAD pre-tax.

Heart-Shaped Sunglasses – This is an item I’d probably skip out on for a large wedding, but for a destination wedding or bachelorette party this could be such a great addition to the hangover kit. Though a pair of sunnies won’t fit inside the bag, the drawstrings could be wrapped around the sunglasses for the favour to be an easy grab and go. Cost per unit: $2.18 CAD pre-tax.

If you feel like you want to go the extra mile, you can also add bottled water or bottled Gatorade (and wrap the bag drawstrings around the bottleneck), or include a bottle of eyedrops of a smaller guest count (like a small bachelorette party). Otherwise, the essentials have all been included, and you can have all these items at your door overnight with Prime! If you’re a last-minute bride like I was, this list combined with Prime has you covered for amazing bachelorette favours or wedding favours.

Let me know in the comments below if you end up creating these favours for your party!


Ella xx

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