What If I Was A Breakthrough Blogger?

It’s an interesting question to ask myself, especially in light of the Manrepeller/H&M/Bloglovin contest for “Breakthrough Fashion Blogger of the Year”. Although entering a contest is usually the easiest thing you could do, I found it challenging to have the guts to enter. I mean, who am I in the blogosphere?  As I prepared my post for the contest, I noticed other bloggers slowly but surely submitting their entries… Bloggers who already had a strong fanbase, bloggers who had one sponsored project after another, bloggers who were already 70 light years ahead of me on their journey. What chance do I stand against them?

But you know what? That’s ok. Maybe I haven’t been blogging for years and years. Maybe I don’t have a great PR agent who can score me one paid project after another. And I am completely ok with that. I am ok with working a part-time job while I’m in university in order to support myself. I am ok with living with my mom so that I can settle into a great career and eventually buy something. I am ok if my blog isn’t going to breakthrough, and if I won’t be the next Leandra Medine or Chiara Ferragni. And most of all, I am one hundred percent ok with having The Lifestyle Bistro as an outlet to express myself, and a piece of the internet I can call a home for my thoughts.

It’s moments like this that I come back to the thought of why I started blogging in the first place. I’m no professional, but I love writing, especially about my personal experiences and thoughts.

So that brings me to this skirt from H&M. It holds a special place in my closet, as well as my heart, as it was the very piece of clothing that sparked my inner fashionista. I mean, what’s NORMAL about a mustard-colored high-waist flared out skirt? Not much. And so I bought it, with the challenge to style it in as many ways as possible and for as many occasions as possible. And ever since, I have never looked at my closet or another prospective purchase the same way again.

Long gone were tasteless sweaters and leggings, and my life changed. Maybe it sounds crazy, but the world of fashion and having a sense of style helped me find myself, and grew my self-confidence more than anything else ever did. There’s a growing experience in putting on an unusual (but tastefully styled) outfit, and heading out into the streets loving how you look, and not caring what anyone thinks.

And every year, ever since I bought that skirt, the fashion industry has taught me something. It started with becoming a shopaholic (sorry Mom), and buying items I could envision complementing my closet. It then moved onto my part-time job in retail, and having the opportunity to work in a boutique-sized store and help style other people. And finally, just last August, I started my blog, with an emphasis on fashion and travel, which has gotten me even more involved, by attending Toronto Fashion Week, and working together with some of Canada’s top designers.


So maybe I’m not a blogging prodigy, but at least I have a little piece of the internet where I can share my passion with the world. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll get a mentorship from Manrepeller’s blogging queen Leandra Medine and become a breakthrough blogger.

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