Couture is the Cure for “What Will I Wear?”

If you’re a frequent visitor to The Lifestyle Bistro, you’re probably aware that I had the pleasure to attend the Nordstrom Gala at CF Eaton Centre a couple weeks back. It’s worth mentioning that the night was pretty much a blast, especially since it involved an open bar, shopping, and the chance to dress up. And if you know anything about me, you know I don’t like to settle when it comes to my wardrobe choices, so naturally, it was the perfect opportunity to wear my favourite Canadian designer: Stephan Caras.

When it comes to fashion, especially high-end/couture, it seems that the philosophy of this design house really hits the nail on the head:

Fashion is not about trends. Trends come and go and do not necessarily express every woman’s inner femininity. Fashion is an expression; it is a statement of inner beauty and sensuality. The way we dress demonstrates our individuality and the depth of our sensuality. Women exude elegance and class by wearing a timeless, well-fitted outfit, rather than following elaborate and short-lived trends.

Forget trends! I swear, if I see one more velvet dress layered on top of a white T-shirt, I might have a nervous breakdown. Especially, especially, ESPECIALLY, when trends are taking over the classics at galas, weddings, and red carpets. (I promise, everyday classics for your closet is coming soon.)

Those special occasions, the ones where you can express your inner Nicole Kidman at the Oscars, those are the occasions you can’t (well, shouldn’t) run into CF Eaton Centre or Yorkdale the morning of and consider it good enough preparation. How often are you mother-of-the-bride, how often are you the bride, how often are you invited to a black-tie dinner to accept an award – probably not very often! Make the occasion worth it. Invest in REAL fashion, invest in design, and invest in feeling like a queen, at least for one night of your life.

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Couture is not dead. And we shouldn’t treat it like it is. Especially when it’s right down the street, custom-made for you, inspired by the runway.

Having had the pleasure to wear several pieces from Stephan Caras over the course of the past 8 months, I’ve come to appreciate the world of high-end fashion. Hopefully, through your own experience, you will too.

Stephan Caras contact info here.

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